Thursday, April 28, 2011

:::SPONSORS WANTED::: Penny Pinching Polly's "Celebrating Summer" Party

There's nothing I love better than hanging out with my family & friends on a hot summer day.  Since I can't invite my Followers & Fans to a cookout, I am going to celebrate Summer with my Blog Followers and Facebook Fans by hosting a party!
Before I can get the party started, I need 100 Sponsors!  I will be limiting the number of similar prizes, so get your items in before your category is full!  (I will probably only take 5 hair accessories, 5 pieces of jewelry, etc.).  I may expand this to more Sponsors, if time allows.  Everyone attempting to win your prize will be required to LIKE your Fan Page.  If you have a blog, they will be required to FOLLOW your Blog.

Please note, I am NOT accepting discount coupons.  If you are donating a Fan Page gift card, you must have an item on your Fan Page that can be purchased for that amount, and shipping must be included.  Shipping must be free to at least the U.S. for all prizes.   

Please send the following information to

Fan Page Name
Prize Name
Description of Prize (if needed)
Prize Value
Shipping (MUST be free to U.S. Please indicate if you'll ship to Canada for free or for small fee)
Fan Page Link (go to your fan page's wall, refresh it, then copy the address from the address bar on your browser)
Attach a photo of the prize.  Please, no links!
I will email you within 7 days of receiving your donation to let you know if you were one of the first 100 to respond.  If my time allows, I may take more than 100 Sponsors.

Sunday, April 24, 2011