Friday, May 27, 2011

Help those in Joplin, MO while cleaning out your closet - no cost to you!!!

thredUP is a GREAT program already for clothes swapping, but now there’s something even better happening on their site! You can choose to donate your ‘pick’! This means that instead of getting to buy another box when your box is picked, thredUP will donate $10 to help those affected by the tornado in Joplin, MO!! So you’ll be cleaning out your closet and old clothes that no longer fit your little ones (giving you extra space) AND you’ll be helping out those in need!!! thredUP pays the shipping on the boxes, so you won’t be out ANY money!!

To get started donating to those in Joplin, MO:
You’ll want to gather items (clothing, toys, etc) to fill a box. Make sure the clothes are in decent condition with no stains or tears. 
Of course you’ll have to Join thredUP, which is easy and FREE. 
Now you’ll want to click on ‘Post a Box’ and fill in the information. 
Next click ‘Get box started’ and fill in that info. 
Then you fill in the info when you click ‘Finish Box’. Make sure to check the box next to ‘Would you like to donate your pick to support a family in Jopin, MO?’. 
Finally you will ‘list’ the box. 
That’s it! thredUP will email you when someone picks your box with instructions on how to print the shipping label and you’ll ship the box.

What a great way to help those in need! Special thanks to The Daily Goodie Bag and The Christmas Fairy for the heads up!

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