Saturday, June 25, 2011

:::Crowdtap::: How to get Tapped IN!

Getting the goodies on Crowdtap is all about the quality score!

Quality Score?!? What's that? Why should I care about my quality score? You can find your quality score on your stats page next to points and cash. Now that you have seen it, what the heck is it?? It's Crowdtap's way of measuring your influence and insight. It's based on participating in all the actions you join, giving your personal (unique) opinions in your answers, using photos and details in reports, and referring friends. Just about all your actions on Crowdtap impact your quality score.

Ok, now why should you even think about your Quality Score? You probably joined Crowdtap because the Old Navy events and other events are awesome and you want to be invited to one! The higher your quality score, the higher your chance of scoring the events!

Join Crowdtap and make sure you visit daily, for just a few minutes, to do some Quick Hits.  Then, the next time they offer something spectacular like Old Navy embellished tanks for yourself AND 3 FRIENDS, you'll be tapped in!

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  1. Hmmm, my quality score has been 50/100 since the day I joined. I have been a part of 5 discussions and posted, with pictures, and made comments almost every day. I check in more than once a day. I have applied for 3 campaigns and got nothing. My score hasn't gone up or down. I am at 9855 pts and level 4-bronze. I guess time will tell!