Friday, June 17, 2011

:::FREE CREDIT::: $10 in FREE WINE - MAYBE $20!!

Hurry!  Sign up for LOT18 and get a FREE $10 credit. 

If you check out the site and add a bottle to your cart, (which I did to figure out shipping) and end up not buying anything, you'll probably get an email with another $10 credit in about 24 hours.  I have $20 FREE CREDIT now and they have bottles of wine starting under $20.  WOOHOO.  This is one of those "your result may vary" type of deals, but it's worth a shot!!  Everyone gets at least the $10 credit for signing up!

Get your credit & then be on the lookout for their next FREE SHIPPING deal! 


  1. They don't have a list of states, but I am sure Tennessee is a state that is prohibited from having internet wine sales. :(

  2. Is that your referral link? Just curious because when I sent my referral link to a friend, they didn't get a $10 credit for some reason. Wonder why?!

  3. I did not get a $10 credit either. Possibly this deal is over, and I would not have signed up if there was not a credit. I wrote them as someone we'll see if they give me a credit. Also, told them to post on their website if this credit deal is over.