Friday, July 22, 2011

:::FREE TRIAL::: AboutOne - Get Organized!

I've been giving AboutOne a try and so far, I am in love!  As you know, I like to find the best deal on things, and I really think $30 for a full year is a GREAT deal.  Right now, I'm still in my 17 full day FREE trial!  No credit card is needed during the free trial - how great is that?? I also love that if I don't log in on a day, it doesn't count against my 17 FREE days

AboutOne is a secure online family management system that simplifies daily life by providing ONE location to store and manage household information. They offer two pricing plans. Both plans give you full access to all the features of AboutOne.

Their 17 day Free Passport gives you 17 full days of usage with no expiration date. Use each of your 17 days whenever you like.

The Yearly Plan gives you a full year of access to AboutOne for the low price of $30 per year.

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