Monday, July 11, 2011

:::REVIEW & GIVEAWAY::: Kreations by Karlee ~ Wire Wrapped Rings

Every once in awhile, you find a shop you just cannot stop talking about.  It just has it all - great products, great prices, and excellent customer service.  Kreations by Karlee is one of those shops!

I received three beautiful wire wrapped rings from Kreations by Karlee to review.  Two were for myself and one for my daughter.  It was so nice of Karlee (a mom herself) to keep my little one in mind.  That's just a glimpse into the extraordinary customer service you'll get at Kreations by Karlee.

When you place a custom order with Kreations by Karlee, you don't just pay your invoice and sit and wait for your shipping notification via Paypal.  Karlee keeps you updated, via a Note on her fan page, of your order's status.  I like that it's in a Note.  It means I'm not overloaded with emails, but I'm not left out in the cold either!   

Don't want to wait?  Don't worry!  Karlee has many rings & other jewelry items that are ready to ship! Even some of her knitted items are ready to ship!

I wasn't sure how a wire wrapped ring would hold up with a 5 year old, but I am here to tell you it has lasted through many days playing outside.  I do make her remove it for swimming, as I do all jewelry.

I am absolutely in love with these rings.  The rings I received were made of artists wire, but Kreations by Karlee also has surgical steel findings specifically geared to those with metal sensitivities/allergies She also has a limited amount of sterling silver ear wires.  Gold plated is another option for those who prefer a gold look!

The prices begin at just $8 shipped.  I'm not just a huge fan of Kreations by Karlee's jewelry, I'm also in love with her knitted items!  Her stuffies, owl totes, and reversible stuffies are just a few of my favorites. Check back for an owl tote review soon!
NOW, FOR THE GIVEAWAY!   The winner will get a $10 gift certificate to use at Kreations by Karlee!  She has plenty of items you can choose from that are $10 or under, or you can use it towards a bigger order! Use the form below to enter. One entry per household, please!


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