Saturday, July 2, 2011

:::WINNERS::: Celebrating Summer Giveaway

Thank you for entering the Celebrating Summer Giveaway.  An even BIGGER THANK YOU to 
my wonderful Sponsors! 
Use CTRL + F to search by name! If you're a winner, you have until 11:59pm EST on July 5 to claim your prize. To claim your prize, please visit the Fan Page's wall and let them know you won in the PPP Summer Giveaway. Then, check for a Contact Tab or an email address listed on the Info Tab so you can send your shipping information!  

Sponsors have 30 days to get the prize in the winner's hand.  Please be respectful of their generosity and realize that previous orders have priority.  If you do not have your prize, and have not been told when the prize will ship by August 4, please contact me with subject "Summer Giveaway."

~My 3 Girls Bowtique~    Ashlie Marshall
3 Little Birds Boutique    Betty Nix
ABC Silhouetts    victoria rodriguez
Alina Crochet Creations    skye smith
Amerigali Bowtique    kristen lyttle
Ava's Hair Boutique    Elizabeth Taylor
Avon by Rachel Kuczynski    pamela landry
B & Me Designs    Brionna Eccard
Baby Bug Wear    Audra Tanner
Beautify With Mark    Sasha Berry
Beez Kneez Boutique    Audrey Myers
Ben's Outlet    Erin McAloon
Beyond Pain    Colleen Beeman
Bleu Bird Designs    Laura Elliott
Boutique Elliette    Jamie Mahlum
Bows and Such    kari libby
Bows By Miss Mandy    LaSha Armstrong
Briar & Patch Boutique    Susan D'Alesandro Wilder
By Tess    Kelsey Koziel
Candice Redekopp, Freelancer    Michelle Pegram
Changing Purses Inc.    Andrea Boren
Charmedby Amber    Teresa Shively
Cowboys and Crowns    rosemary rivera
Cozy Cap Creations    shannon smith
CuddlyQuiltsofCamillus    REBECKA LOZANO
Custom Baby Tees    James Cox
Daddy Made This    Oanh Ball
Dashingly Dainty Designs    Jamie Mahlum
Drink Dazzlers    LaSha Armstrong
Flights of Fancy    Barbara Brooks
Fluffs Enough Giveaway Shoutouts    Joey Jennings
French Frills    Priscilla Post
Get Wrapped    SHELLY NORTON
Giant Fortune Cookies    Kari Howell
Gifts by Sarah    Christy Carter
Gorgeously Chic    Tina Munoz
Growing Up Jenny    Rachel Wingert
Hair Bows by Elaine    Jennifer Johncock
Hatzillas    Meg Pearce
Hi Ho Vacations    Allison Lewis
HN Designs    Donna LeMmons
House of Positive Karma    sheryle bleashka
Hush Provocateur     adrienne rudolph
Independent Scentsy Consultant Lindsey Woosley    HEATHER SMITH
It Works KC    Kristie Snively
It Works Weightloss Challenge Jodi Hussey    patty asfour
Janda Panda Designs Custom    Becky McCaslin
Jess Fabulous Designs    Lisa Janson
Julicia's Creations    Erin Neu
Just Bead It Creations    Renee Woods Goldinger
Just Catch It    Denise Viola
Just For Me Baby!    Elizabeth Ernst
Just Jewelry Beth Torquato    Tiffany Laxton
Kathy's Scraps Jewels    Tasha Stegall
Kicking the Wicks- Independent Scentsy Star Consultant     Melissa Bono
Kreations by Karlee    michelle combs
Lavish by Amanda    Tiffany Laxton
LC Creations    Stacey A Smith
Lil Babe Beanie Shoppe    Ashley Neale
Lil Mamas Bowtique    rose walker
Link Fairy    Melanie Kampman
Little Darlings    Melissa Lawler
Little Miss Peach Posh    Melissa Bono
Logans Tailored Closet    Tammy Cao
Lulabelle's Sweet Gifts    Denise Freund
mark: beauty and fashion    Jamie Jo Smith
Mel's At Home Creations    Pauline extra info paul tran
Melissa's Bargain Blog    Carrie Martinet
Missing My Soldier Gifts    Lisa Wilson
Mommy Making Memories    Ashley Newberg
Mommygrams and More    Julie Davis
Mommys Jewlery Sturdy and Purdy    kelly woods
Money Saving Michelle    Tammy Dalton
Mr. Dummy Dolls    Kara Helm
Nicole Brewer ~ Azuli Skye Independent Consultant    Cindy Moore
Peek-A-Bootique    Angela Snider
Pink Ladybug Designs    amy mcintosh
Pretty Princess Hairbows    Kari Howell
Pure Romance by Hannah Goodwin    Jake Bray
Pure-Romance-by-Kristi    Marianna Ballard
Rocka Falla Bowtique    LaSha Armstrong
Rylee's Repeates    Amanda Lawson
Simple Life Designs    Allison Lewis
SnickerDoodle Kids Activities    Nell Waldrop
Somewhere Over The Rainbow    michelle combs
Splash of Color by Moonlight    annie bartlett
Stacy's Bows and More    Nichole Dyer
Starlight Starbright Creations    Tiffany Laxton
Szetobaby    Laura Elliott
The Dealyo    Shannon Alexander
Thirty-One Gifts ~ all 4 a Cause    Jackie Nicole Wertish
Tickled Bamboo Pink    Andi Shepherd
Times To Treasure Scrapbooks    justine tokash-chanthamany
Tweeten's Greetins    Cassandra Darensbourg
Valerie's Creations    Nicole Schoiber
Yreka Soap Co.    Trisha Foerster
Zoe's Closet    Oanh Ball 


  1. shucks! my name isn't there. maybe in the next set of names????????

  2. Woo Hoo! I have claimed my prizes!! Thank you for the great giveaways!

  3. Booo..That is a supper long list!! Im not on it though :o(

  4. I wrote on the sponsors wall that I won ( HN Designs), no email address for her listed in her info area. Haven't heard back , but it's the holiday weekend and she may be busy. Thank you again - Donna Kay (Donna LeMmons).

  5. Congrats to the lucky people that won more than 1 item ! You must have really good luck .....

  6. Not this time! Thanks for the AWESOME giveaways!! I love your site and blog!! You Rock!! Have a great Fourth of July and congrats to all the winners!!! :-)

  7. have the 2nd set of names been given out yet?

  8. Thank you!!! Posted on their wall! Waiting to hear back since I can't find a contact tab or email :)

  9. who won the ipod touch?