Tuesday, October 18, 2011

.::GIVEAWAY TRAIN::. On Track to a Beautiful Cure

This weeks grand prize is AMAZING! The products are made in America and feature Aloe. The best part is Several of you will WIN!

About our Sponsor:

Caren Products offers luxurious skin care products that help restore and enrich even the most sensitive skin. They have created products that augment Nature's gentle, effective remedies with the best that science has to offer. The main ingredient in their products is Aloe Vera, a medicinal herb used for over 4000 years. These remarkable skin care products were originally created for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation in order to restore moisture to the skin. In fact, the products are recommended by medical professionals and can be purchased at some of the world's top hospitals, including Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. These incredibly hydrating products are available to anyone who need to nourish their skin. We have 9 fragrances that are light, fresh and clean and even Fragrance Free. Most all of our Caren Original products retail for less than $20.00.
PRODUCTS - MADE IN AMERICA Selected by ABC World News Tonight, Diane Sawyer as one of the best made in America Products
Our newest Fragrance is called RELAX

Who wouldn't want to use a product created with Aloe in America?

They DONATE 5% of our profits to breast cancer research - PARTNERED WITH BREAST CANCER ALLIANCE Greenwich, CT
WE SUPPORT Enable of Georgia, Inc which supports adults with developmental disabilities.

The Prizes are:

Multiple $100 Gift Certificates

4 of the Rosemary Pineapple Sink Sets valued at $40.50 each.


The Hope Express

This Week's prize brought to you by:

Caren Products

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  1. I heard about the giveaway train from Penny Pinching Polly.

  2. I would like to try teh Relax Spa Bubblebath!

  3. I like the At Home by Caren products.