Saturday, November 26, 2011

.::GIVEAWAY::. Small Business Saturday Giveaway for Buyers/Bidders

If you are buying or bidding in the Small Business Saturday Sale or Auction at Penny Pinching Polly's Fan Page, you get to enter to win some pretty cool prizes!

Please be patient while the form loads. It may take up to 1 minute. If you buy or bid on more than 5 items, please fill out the form a second time.


  1. For the first one, I forgot to put what I bid on! Lather Rinse Clean
    Peppermint Present (Soap) -2.4oz!!! Please don't discount that entry! That's what I first bid on. :)

  2. Ha, OK! I so misread! Anyway, please REMOVE my 2 other entries! I only need on only 3 items. I so didn't read all the instructions first! SORRY SORRY! THANK YOU!

  3. ugh, i just messed my entries all up!!! I bid on: the mini stuffables set, sweet honey almond soap, lavender soap, love spell rose soap, little train soap, and the hot cocoa set!