Monday, December 12, 2011

Prior to becoming a Purex Insider, I was strictly a Tide girl. My mom always used Tide, so it's the only detergent I trusted. I reluctantly tried Triple Action Purex. I admit it, Purex is even better than Tide! (It's cheaper, too!) My daughter's brightly colored clothes are still BRIGHT! The blacks are still black, and my very important whites are super white. There is nothing I hate more than yellowed whites. Triple Action Purex cleans like a dream, and the Mountain Breeze scent is A-MA-ZING!

Laundry is one thing I will not skimp on. I won't pinch my pennies by buying a no-name detergent, because I want my daughter's clothes to look their best. Thank you, Purex, for making an affordable, and effective detergent!

My name is Polly, and Purex is my new love.

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