Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Teacher Crushes Dreams & says No, Students There is No Santa

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What people tell their own children is none of my business.  However, if my daughter's teacher told her there was no Santa Claus, this mommy's claws would come out!  These children were only in second grade.  In my opinion, the teacher had no right to say what she did.  At the very least, she could have just smiled when the children mentioned Santa lived at the North Pole and went on with her geography lesson!  

Read the article HERE.  What is YOUR reaction?

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  1. I feel this is wrong on so many levels. If we are all to have our own way of doing things, who is she to teach the kids something else. This is one time I would go to the school and I would let her have it! I hate how teachers think they can do these things. 2 years ago a head start teacher told my son not to say sorry because sorry doesn't make it better. I WAS FURIOUS! You let me decide what is right and wrong for someone who isn't old enough to make that choice.

    Thanks for the link Penny!

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