Friday, January 20, 2012

Become a Traveling Nurse

Did you know that a traveling nurse is paid very well, plus has living arrangements paid for by employer, receives insurance benefits, and earns bonuses at the end of an assignment?  Sounds great to me!

A traveling nurse can choose to stay near his or her hometown, or to travel throughout the United States! It is the perfect way to meet new people, experience different cultures and ways of living, while earning great money! It allows you the chance to increase your salary while giving you the flexibility of a new work environment every few months.  

The length of an assignment for a travel nurse varies. It could be a 4 week assignment, or up to a 26 week assignment! If you have a planned vacation, or other big plans, the shorter assignments make life much easier!  Just imagine being able to work as many weeks as you wish in different cities! I would lean more towards the warmer climates during the winter months.  It would feel like a vacation and a rewarding career all in one!

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  1. Great information! I have been researching how to become a traveling nurse and found that most companies require at least 1 year of clinical experience. I think it sounds like a great career choice!