Monday, February 13, 2012

.::PRODUCT REVIEW::. Thermos King Travel Mug

I am a Daddy's girl. My childhood memories are full of being excited that Daddy was finally home from the glass factory.  I can still see him rinsing out his Thermos in the sink after work, and filling it up with hot coffee before work.  Often, he'd work 16 hour days, and his coffee stayed as hot as when it was freshly brewed.  My dad carried the SAME Thermos for 37 years, until he retired.  

Due to these fond memories, and knowing the superb quality of Thermos, I was elated to try a Thermos travel mug!  Specifically, I tested out the Thermos King 16 oz Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Tumbler.  I put it to the test with piping hot cocoa, and a snow filled sledding trip! This travel mug is incredible!  My daughter likes her hot cocoa only lukewarm, so I had to actually transfer her portion into a separate cup.  The Thermos travel mug kept it hot for 6 hours!  

I also put this travel mug to the test at the opposite side of the spectrum.  My daughter is allowed water at school, but we can never keep it cold for the entire day.  I'm happy to report that water from the refrigerator is still refrigerator cold 24 hours after being put in the Thermos travel mug!  When they say spill-proof, they mean it! My daughter tosses everything into her book bag.  The thermos was rolling around amongst her papers and books, and nothing got wet!

With its vintage 1950s look, and the same high quality that Thermos is famous for, you cannot go wrong with the Thermos King 16 oz Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Tumbler!

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