Wednesday, March 7, 2012

.::HOT DEAL::. 4 Dr. Seuss Books for $.99 plus a FREE Dr. Seuss Backpack!!

I love Dr. Seuss! I cannot wait for my daughter to wake up on Easter and find a Dr. Seuss Backpack & 4 Dr. Seuss books in her basket!  She'll be ecstatic! 

I'm ecstatic that it only cost $.99 for each book & the backpack is FREE! 

You can also pick 2 bonus books for $4.99, but that's OPTIONAL.  You can just take the 4 books for $.99 each & the free backpack and not buy anything else.  Take Note: You must cancel the book club if you don't want to receive additional books for $4.99.  You still get to keep your books & the backpack!  (If you want your money back for the $.99 books, THEN you return the books but keep the backpack.)

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