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.::Review & Giveaway::.Build a Dream Playhouses

Build a Dream Playhouses was created with the belief that imaginative play is absolutely critical to the developing minds of children.  This line of products is centered on creativity and imagination, and is completely kid-driven.  Build a Dream Playhouses supplies the palate for children to paint their dreams, and ideas for the playhouses can be generated from children all over the world.

Their website features videos of how to assemble each Playhouse, which I think is amazing!  There have been many occasions where I have wished for a how-to-video for putting things together.  I am more of a visual person, and sometimes simply reading the instructions just doesn't work for me!  Thank you, Build a Dream Playhouses, for thinking outside the box! 

My own daughter (whom I refer to as Mini-Me), has a deep love for cardboard boxes.  I am always cutting little windows in cardboard boxes for doll houses or play houses for Mini-Me.  Unfortunately, the fun never lasts long, as the boxes that have already been beat up while housing whatever it is they were used to ship.  Mini-Me is always sad when the box she decorated with love falls apart after a few days of play.  That is why Build a Dream Playhouses are so wonderful!  Mini-Me can decorate her Imagine Wagon and enjoy it for a very long time!  It's built to be played with by kids!  It arrives safely packed inside a shipping box, and ready for you to build a dream.

Here is a photo of the Imagine Wagon:
Mini-Me is crazy about the ice cream truck, and at six years old, she thinks driving an ice cream truck is her dream job!  The only downside is now she charges me for every freeze pop I eat.  Luckily, I get to be the banker she deposits her money with at the end of the day, or I'd end up bankrupt by the end of summer! The reusable stickers from Build a Dream Playhouses are WONDERFUL! My daughter can transform her ice cream truck into a taxi, ambulance, fire rescue truck, police car, or pizza delivery truck with just a peel & stick!

I'm sure you're wondering about the GIVEAWAY portion of this blog post.  Build a Dream Playhouses is letting the winner pick either The Dream Machine or The Cosmic Cruiser!!  I told you they're a cool company! 

I've already shown you the super cute Imagine Wagon above.  Now, for the rest of the playhouses!

Growing up, I was that cute kid at the garage sale that was selling lemonade and water.  Unfortunately, I didn't have this cute Snack Shack to decorate and sell from.  I only had a styrofoam cooler and a lounge chair that collapsed on me if you didn't balance yourself just right. 

The Cosmic Cruiser makes me want to put on the astronaut's helmet I got for my 7th birthday and fly to the moon!  I'm still going to be an astronaut when I grow up.

 The Dream Machine brings back memories of my sister and I pushing two kitchen chairs together to build our dream car.  I must admit, this one looks much cooler, and nobody will rip it apart at dinner time!

This Pop 'n Play Castle is a little one's dream come true!  Who doesn't dream of being a knight slaying dragons or a princess living the pampered life?  ::sigh::  I should have been a princess!

Oh, Pop N' Play Kitchen the fun we would have had when I was a child.  I liked nothing better than playing house.  How I long for the days when the chores were pretend!

Have you decided if you prefer The Dream Machine or The Cosmic Cruiser?  Even if you don't win, their prices are very affordable, and shipping is super fast!

Prior winners of any giveaway hosted by Build a Dream Playhouses are not eligible to enter this Giveaway.

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  3. I wish they had these when I was a kid..They look like so much fun. :-)