Tuesday, April 3, 2012

.::Earn BIG::. IdeaShifters - Earn $10 in Amazon per WEEK!

  • You qualify for every survey IdeaShifters sends you!
  • Short Surveys (Less than 8 minutes for me!)
  • Most surveys I've done were worth 10-30 points
  • I made 100 points within 1 week

  • You get 5 points per referral who successfully signs up and confirms their email.  (You WILL get caught if you make fake accounts.)

  • You can redeem at 100 points for a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card, which takes approximately 5 days to arrive.


  1. I signed up, fb still wont let me post or comment :( It's been like 3 weeks how can I get out of fb jail?

  2. so far, so easy, lol.. thanks

  3. Too bad, they only want smart phone users. I've been trying to save up for a camera on amazon for months now through swagbucks lol. Hoping I can get it before this baby is born in July. Any other suggestions?