Thursday, April 12, 2012

.::FREEBIE::. Free Gemstone Ring + FREE Candy!

Head over to SneakPeeq and take home a FREE gemstone ring plus 2 FREE bags of candy!

1. Sign up and authorize your Facebook. You'll earn a "Welcome Badge' Reward!
2. Click on "Use my reward" and snag your freebie. NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!
3. At checkout, click on "get free shipping" to the left of your total.
4. After snagging your FREEBIE, go to "taste" and peeq at the prices on the Tubis Licorice sale! The licorice is $5, which means you can get 2 for FREE with your $10 credit!


  1. it didnt give me $10

  2. It didn't work for me either...

  3. Didn’t get it? If you joined through a promo link advertising this signup freebie (such as this one), your price for should come up as $0.00 automatically. If that’s not happening, please email They will be happy to to help!