Sunday, April 8, 2012

True Blood

Thanks to Wm Rowe

I was watching clear wireless TV the other day and got really excited when I saw a trailer come on for my all time favorite show on HBO. Yes, “True Blood” will be returning in June for its fifth season and I can’t wait. I just started watching “True Blood” two years ago. I caught up by watching the DVDs of the older seasons. I am not one who is much for vampire dramas ( like twilight) but this is totally different. The story takes place in a small backwoods Louisiana town. Vampires live in the open among humans. Of course, there are the other mythical creatureslike warewolves, telepaths, fairies, and shape shifters. The cast is great! The story lines are even better! I have the biggest crush on the vampire ( a thousand year old Viking named Eric) played by Alexander Skarsgard. I think that he is really one of the hottest guys that I have ever seen! I will be watching it for sure when it comes back on in June!

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