Monday, May 30, 2011

:::::FREEBIE::::: Old Navy Shorts - Crowdtap!

Did you join Crowdtap yet?  What are you waiting for??  
Through June 2nd, Crowdtap Level 3 members (i.e. members that have earned at least 2500 points) can even apply to host an Old Navy Shorts Party! If you’re chosen to be a host, you’ll receive a kit that will include the following items:
  • 1 FREE shorts coupon for you
  • 3 FREE shorts coupons for your best friends
 If you are a Level 3 Crowdtap member, log in to your Crowdtap account and click on the “New Actions” tab. You may find an application for the newest Sample and Share from The Old Navy Style Council. If you are not yet a Level 3 member, don't worry! Just by signing up, logging in every day, inviting your friends, and participating in actions, you’ll earn points towards the next level.

Join today, or you'll be kicking yourself when everyone else has earned free money & gift cards to do their holiday shopping with!

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