Friday, June 3, 2011

My Curves Experience & FREE 7 Day Guest Pass for YOU!

So, I got up early today and did a quick 30 minute workout at Curves. It was easier than I expected. I wasn't expecting to like it. I'm not used to going anywhere without my mini-me. 

However, Curves does not offer a children's club, so I went while my daughter was still asleep and just had my mom come over while I ran out. I almost feel guilty for feeling so free for the hour I was gone! I wasn't peering into the children's club window to make sure everything was going well. I wasn't worried about my daughter being bored while I exercise. I was just enjoying myself and letting go of some stress.

In the past, I've used a local gym that had what they called a "Kidz Klub." Many times, we'd come and there would be no other kids in there. Well, it's not easy to enjoy yourself when you picture your child sitting in a room with 3 adult strangers, feeling bored, scared, and alone. Just knowing that my circuit would only take 30 minutes, and that she was sleeping at home and that her beloved Grandmother was there made it an enjoyable experience.

I could get used to this! Now, if only I had a workout buddy! Want to join me? Even if we can't physically workout together, we can discuss what we like the best, what we dread the most, and how stupid we looked for our first Zumba class!

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