Thursday, June 2, 2011

:::NEEDED: PRODUCT TESTERS::: Test and Keep Products!

Do you love to try new products and give your honest opinion about them?  I have a great site for you!  Toluna!  I love the fact that Toluna lets you go in and apply for the products you want to test!  You're not stuck testing something you have no interest in! Best of all, if you're a tester, you get to KEEP that product and do a short survey on it!  They also have paid survey opportunities.   **Make sure you confirm your email when it arrives.**

Many of you were upset that you missed the Synovate testing sign-up yesterday.  Don't wait too long for this one!


  1. I would love to do this!
    FB name: Becky McCaslin

  2. Becky, just slick the photo above & sign up!! You'll love it!

  3. hey m already registerd ther

  4. I can't register, it says my address is not valid :(