Wednesday, June 1, 2011

::::::FREEBIE::::: Free sunglasses! **Correction**

I like FREE!  Do you?  It's my favorite 4 letter word!  How about FREE sunglasses?  Here's how:
  1. Sign up at Inspired Shades
  2. Have your friends sign up!
  3. Ta-da! You've earned $1 in credit for each friend! There are other ways to earn credit, too! Their sunglasses start at $12.95!
  4. Other ways to earn credit:
    1 Point - Every time one of your referrals signs up for a Shades Account!
    1 Point - Every time one of your referrals makes a purchase
    1 Point - Signing up for our awesome newsletter
    1 Point - Tagging a product on their site
    2 Points - Feature them in a blog post or article (email your article or blog post)
    1 Point - For every $10 you spend
    2 Points - Send a picture of yourself wearing your favorite pair of shades so they can feature you in their fan section! (email

Now, if you order right now there will be a $2 shipping fee.  There is talk about a free shipping offer coming soon, but $2 for designer sunglasses is too good to pass up!!!

Thanks to Enza for finding this hot deal!

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